Wolf Scooter

Wolf Scooter

I make it a regular habit to browse forums, blogs, YouTube etc. in search of innovative transportation and technology. It is not until recently that I noticed the plethora of discussions regarding wolf scooter. Most notably referred to as the “mobility wolf scooter “, these vehicles are generally catered to the handicapped or elder population.

While these vehicles maybe geared towards an older population that doesn’t mean it lacks functionality at all. Let us take your standard wolf scooter that your children ride. The wolf scooters typically weigh around 35-70 pounds compared to the mobility’s beefy 250 lbs. Nevertheless, there speeds are virtually indistinguishable at 15 mph. That’s correct, little Joey’s grandmother ‘s are not no quicker than electrical scooter.

It gets worse, to not worry. The mobility scooter offers stabilization that is better (sit down in most cases and with three wheels) considerably more cargo space, longer range, an extended warranty. Considering the vehicles’ purpose the mobility scooters are created to be as slim as possible in order to squeeze into doorways. There’s an additional benefit which is often overlooked, versatility. Ride your wolf scooter in grocery store or a mall and see how long it takes till security finds you.

No one will look twice nor even consider calling security. The general citizenry has not accepted the presence of mobility scooters but encourage the practice. So you’re contemplating a wolf scooter for whatever intention, what’s a bright alternative?

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