What’s the Mother of Invention?

Ah, yes, NECESSITY. It took me a while to remember that word. Of course, since you weren’t here listening to me try to figure it out I could have just pretended that I knew it all along. *sigh* I’m always telling on myself.

This weekend was a tax free weekend here in Massachusetts. With the exception of certain items — restaurant meals, tobacco, cars, etc — purchases less than $2500 were sales tax free. There’s no tax any time on yarn so I didn’t stock up on that. But I did need a new laptop. For the past few months I’ve been using our old laptop out in the living room to surf the web and watch tv. The problem is that the old laptop was 8 years old and SERIOUSLY underpowered. I couldn’t even run any virus protection on it because I didn’t have the memory to run it since the program requirements have increased as people’s computers increased in power — with the exception of mine. heheheh

Sales tax is only 5% here but the stores had sales on top of the lack of sales taxes so I purchased a new Compaq Presario laptop. The salesperson asked if I needed a bag for it. Nope. I have the one from the old laptop. Except this new laptop was too big for the old bag.

So what’s a knitter to do? I’m designing a laptop bag. I guess that’s really an overstatement. I’m making a messenger type bag that I’m going to felt and I’m making it with a houndstooth stitch pattern.

Not edge-of-your-chair suspense but I’m anxious to get it done to see what my first ever improvisation is going to work out. I’m probably going to add a pocket or two to it, too.

Ah…this is the excitment that is my life.