Fingerprint Door Lock

Why you need Electronic Locks to secure vending machines? After all, vending started off as a cent business and in some ways is still, with razor thin borders. Vending machines are actually effective at taking credit cards and high denomination bills and there are many thousands of bucks of electronics that need protection. So, with protecting margins and the money, electronic locks for vending devices have arrived.

The vending lock cylinder itself is rather little about 2″ long by 3/4″ in diameter.

This is only because there are not wires connected to the lock it self. The key additionally collects audit advice from your lock such as the dates and times that it had been opened and who opened it. This info is then downloaded at the end of the day into especially written route software. The key could be programmed to only work within certain times of day and it could be blacklisted so it’ll no longer open any machines if your key is lost.

Features of Electronic fingerprint door lock:

Built of stainless steel with a metal locking bolt
For Indoor or outdoor locations and is weather resistant
Built to change current mechanical locks
All electricity to be supplied by the key
All programing is completed in the key and transferred to the lock
App can be stand alone, network, internet and mobile programming

The program is capable of being stand alone, community or internet based. Inside the app the administrator may set up approved users, routes and timed entry in the devices. The information gathered from the locks is downloaded to the application program when the key is being recharged. It also records unauthorized efforts to open it. That important can be removed by the app in the system if Your key is misplaced. There is also the option of mobile programming by using a smartphone, so your key programming could be altered anytime throughout the day.

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