Monthly Archive: April 2011

Designer bags 101

Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel – to name a few  as a household name in the world of bags and fashion. It is a great quality brand in the when it comes to bag and leather  industry. Today in the market, there are exact replicas of the same brand of  these luxury designer bags  available for purchase in many shops.

In the first place, Hermes, Chanel and LV are a registered trademark in the world of bags. Hence, it is widely acclaimed as one of the best brands. Little wonder why the replica version still ranks as one the best in the world.

Just like those fake Hermes are perfect copies of the original ones. They are very affordable and very popular among artists, actors and stars in the show business. The fact that they are perfect does not make them original. They are perfect in the sense that they are very sophisticated and look exactly like their original counterpart.

On the other hand, their perfect replica nature does not make them fake products. This is because they still share the same common features with the original ones. The same name “Louis Vuitton” appears on their leather exteriors as it appears on the original ones. In fact, one may find it very difficult to distinguish between an original LV bag and a perfect copy version.

The performance of designer replica bags is quite tremendous. The accuracy in stitches, texture and look update is awesome. They perform in the same manner as the original ones.

However, one major ugly factor about these perfect designer bags is the fact of their availability and popularity. This has led to the duplication of real fake product in their brand family. Although the Hermes and Chanel bags imitation are not real original, there are still fake and less effective versions among them. Many times, it could be difficult to differentiate the worse ones from the better ones. Technology has indeed made it possible for any product to be duplicated. The urge to make more money has led many people into such ugly business of reproducing fake bags. Nevertheless, a serious thinking individual who wants to purchase this kind of bag has the responsibility of making a good research. A simple click via the internet can be helpful when it comes to making a good search for good and efficient designer bags.

In conclusion, it is good to still point out that Chanel, Hermes, and LV are still amongst the best in the world. They look appealing, perfect, sophisticated, and attractive. They still remain the perfect bag for respected people.