Monthly Archive: March 2011

Outlet Stores

Here comes outlet shopping! Honest to goodness authentic branded clothing, shoes and other items at a lesser- factory price. These are items not the type you will find in any surplus shops. Some malls find this outlet store effective to attract customers since they can call the attention of bargain shopping hunters. Some stores you can find here in the area are Mango/MNG outlet store, Nike, Plains and Prints, Benetton, Sisley, Forever 21, BrandSmart that caters Lacoste brand and more.

Rates of these outlet stores may be a little higher because of its name, but you can guarantee that they are much cheaper by even 50% to its original price.

What made Outlet Store cheaper? Outlet store or factory outlet is a store attached to a factory or warehouse.

Here’s some more info from wiki…

An outlet store or factory outlet is a retail store in which manufacturers sell their stock directly to the public through their own branded stores. The stores can be brick and mortar or online. Traditionally, a factory outlet was a store attached to a factory or warehouse. Often these stores are grouped together in outlet malls. The invention of the retail outlet store is often credited to Harold Alfond, founder of the Dexter Shoe Company.

“Professional” outlet store shoppers[vague] report variances in quality and price when comparing true factory stores with general outlet stores. The latter may have higher instances of manufacturers’ “overruns” and unmarked seconds and blemished merchandise. Factory stores usually mark any seconds and blemished merchandise as such, and tend to offer newer models. Stores that carry only one brand of goods are often not factory stores.

Since its origination, outlets have seen variation in project size and an industry reorganization in the early 1990s which resulted in many smaller outlets going dark. As newer outlets continue their popularity, clear differences between new well designed centers and traditional retail centers are becoming harder and harder to differentiate.